At Spire Hospitality, we celebrate the individuality of independent hotels.

Spire Hospitality has a long and successful history of conceiving, launching and managing independent hotels and resorts. These unique opportunities take full advantage of Spire's impressive experience in operations and marketing, tied together with a collaborative flair for creativity.

The Spire executive team believes that the success of an independent hotel depends on the development and implementation of a distinctive strategy specific to each property.

Spire ensures that all facets of independent hotel operations align with the strategic plan for the asset.

Much of Spire's success managing independent hotels can be attributed to its intensive on-site work with hotel associates to effectively create true brand identity that shapes a cohesive and memorable guest experience.

Spire's highly respected Sales & Marketing team offer decades of experience supporting the positioning of independent hotels. Spire Hospitality independent hotels are successful competing with both other independent hotels as well as established national brands.