We have a reputation for serving up success.

Spire Hospitality has an outstanding reputation for managing Food & Beverage operations. Revenues from Spire managed F&B operations currently exceed $50 million.

The Spire leadership team knows that intelligent control of a hotel’s food and beverage space is critical to the success of overall operations.

Consequently, Spire rarely relies on third party operators. The management team at Spire is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of control over F&B service quality to maximize returns for owners and investors. Daily communication with restaurant management and diligent collection and analysis of guest experience data allow Spire to respond quickly, reinforcing what is working well and making modifications as needed.

Spire-managed F&B operations deliver quality products and service in an atmosphere and manner that enhance the hotel identity, as well as its bottom line. The broad experience of Spire’s team covers every level of F&B operations, including, but not limited to:

  • Market Research
  • Initial Concept Development
  • Design & Construction
  • Employee Hiring & Training
  • All Aspects of Day-to-Day Operations

For over 30 years, Spire Hospitality has operated successful hotel restaurants across the country that appeal to both local customers and hotel guests.