Tricia Zeno

Regional Director of Revenue Management

Tricia Zeno

Tricia Zeno is a Regional Director of Revenue Management for Spire Hospitality. She started her career in hospitality at the Eldorado Hotel and Spa in Santa Fe, NM working as a front desk agent. After being promoted to the Assistant Manager in the Restaurant, she found her way back to Michigan and the former Hilton Grand Rapids Airport Hotel (now a Doubletree).

Tricia has been with the Grand Rapids property for over 15 years starting in Sales as a Sales Admin. Over time Tricia was promoted in the Front Office from Agent to Manager and eventually Reservations Manager and then eventually a Revenue Manager. Tricia developed her skills of Revenue Management through her time working with Interstate and Hilton.

While specializing in Hilton revenue systems, Tricia has expertise in revenue management with multiple brands and assists Spire Hospitality (formerly Lane) in  growing revenue in their mixed brand portfolio. Tricia currently oversees 10 properties for Spire leading a multi-state team of individuals and two thousand plus keys.

In addition to revenue management for Spire, Tricia is part of our acquisition task force due to the breath of her experience in the hospitality business.