Committed to Enriching the Communities In Which We Live and Work

Spire Hospitality is deeply dedicated to promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) and creating a positive impact on our associates and in communities across the country. We are focused each day on collaborative efforts between our company, the associates who we support and the brand partners we represent in addressing the issues that matter most to our business communities. Whether launching social initiatives from our corporate level, or lending guidance and encouragement to local programs at individual properties, our mission is to enrich the lives of the people and communities in which we live and work.


As a hospitality management company, our core values are to extend our hospitality to guests, associates, and the communities that we are a part of on a daily basis. To accomplish this, Spire has integrated our social and environmental concerns into every aspect of our business operations and all interaction with our stakeholders. From supporting global efforts with the Clean The World Foundation, to supporting local fundraising efforts at individual properties, our goal is to support and improve the lives of our associates and the people that live in our communities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan stands on three key pillars.

  1. Employee Health and Wellness
  2. Environmental Responsibility
  3. Community Involvement


Spire Hospitality and each of our individual hotel properties are proud supporters of the Clean The World Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization that collects, recycles and distributes the discarded soap and shampoo products left behind by our guests. The distribution of these repurposed products to people in need all over the world helps to prevent disease and the millions of deaths that occur each year due to hygiene-related illnesses.

Working with the Clean The World Foundation, Spire Hospitality is projected to annually contribute 40,000 pounds of soap and 30,000 pounds of bottled amenities to this very worthy cause. These donations will provide free soap and shampoo to more than 50,000 people around the world, while at the same time eliminating almost 34 tons of waste from landfills across the country. Click here for more information.